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Artificial Links

As Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon, said “we are at the golden age” of AI where businesses use AI to offer solutions that one could only dream about! AI is being deployed at a scale that was unimaginable even a decade ago.

AI and ML systems continually collect data, place them in knowledge graphs, learn from it, and their cognitive engines can discern hidden patterns & trends to offer deeper insights. This helps teams in improving process workflows, fault tolerance, response times, and customer experiences.

Artificial Links can leverage the best AI solutions to help you in every aspect of your business – strategy development & execution, process management, financial budgeting & allocations, SCM & logistics, inventory & sales, customer service, and compliance.

We are present in many sectors and industry verticals across their operations including banking & finance, insurance, retail – online & offline, social media management, digital marketing, market research, telecommunication & IT, advertising & marketing, and many more.

We have sector specific domain experts who are well-versed in use and delivery of AI solutions at all levels. We empower and enable our clients to independently apply advanced techniques and work with their datasets with least friction. Artificial Links can deliver cutting-edge solutions, training, and consultancy services on Blockchain, AI/ML, and Analytics.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in helping organizations, businesses, and governments around the world make sense of data – internal and external – to help achieve efficiencies in operations, create new opportunities, and offer best customer services.


Our Mission

Our mission is to become a physical embodiment of the human brain by creating a network of expert AI engineers and data scientists to help you build new applications capable of adapting to dynamic business needs and by retrofitting existing applications to scaleup.

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