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The best of technologies can remain obscure if they are not user-friendly and easy to use by intended users. The main goal of Artificial Links is to bridge the gap in complex tools and novice users by bringing the graph-based solutions into the mainstream. We do it by building user-friendly solutions for communities, businesses, institutions, governments, and partners, which are built on top of the Neo4j architecture and graph database.

We help you validate the application of GDB in your operations, provide you with a POC (Proof of Concept) to present your case to investors or management, or to assist you in complete digital transformation of your business operations by modernization and automation drives.


Neo4j is a native GDB that has implemented the property graph model up to the physical storage level. It follows What-You-See-Is-What-Gets-Stored principle aligning your whiteboards with data storage. Neo4j offers not only the usual graph processing and in-memory libraries, and additionally supports full database characteristics, like ACID transactions, clustering, and dynamic recovery.

Its support for major technological platforms and languages makes Neo4j immensely popular among developers, system architects, and database administrators:

  • The Cypher Query Language is like SQL, making learning it faster, and is optimized for graph processing.

  • Neo4j offers constant time graph traversals – depth- and breadth-wise – because nodes and relationships are efficiently represented. This allows scaling-up the operations from millions to billions of nodes per second speeds even with modest hardware.

  • The property graph schema offers flexibility to graph so that it can evolve and adapt over time – making it easier to characterise, change, and add new relationships.

  • Support for most popular programming languages – Java, JavaScript, .NET, and Python.

Neo4j, an open-source and NoSQL native graph database, offers a scalable transactional backend for all digital analytics applications. At Artificial Links, we use the Neo4j Enterprise Edition (in both desktop and cloud installations) to offer multiple services.

We help businesses, business consultants, data scientists and information engineers in rapid design and deployment of applications based on GDBs with the help of certified Neo4j professionals.

Artificial Links offers the following major Neo4j services:

  • Data storage and regular automated backups.

  • Clustering for high-performance.

  • Failover abilities for quick response to cyber catastrophes.

  • Unified identity management, access control and management.

  • Regulatory compliance in-line with latest rules on data privacy and security.

  • High-performance data access, analytics, and data churning powered by Neo4j data directory.

  • SCM operations with all logistics & supply partners mapped into the graph.

  • Fraud detection, prevention, and mitigation by use of risk analysis and behavioural analysis.

  • Financial services to help you customize insurance or financial products.

  • Government services to help local, provincial, and federal governments deliver services to citizens, employees, and businesses.

  • Life Sciences including pharmaceuticals, agriculture services, health management and disease control.

  • Telecommunications, Network & IT Operations automation to help scale the business operations in limited time.

  • Real-time actionable recommendations for customer acquisitions, campaign management, and competitive strategy execution.

  • Retail services for both online and offline businesses to help increase ARPU and reduce returns, refunds, and inventory days.

  • Effective use of social networking to build a durable brand.

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