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For many businesses, the ability to use data is not merely an option, but a necessity for their very survival. For those who are yet to realize its power can see for themselves that according to a report by the Capgemini Research Institute, the UK retail industry is way ahead of other developed economies in adoption of AI. With AI-powered analytics the UK retail industry could drive more sales and saw increase in customer footfalls.


We help your workforce turn digital savvy and our solutions help them collect data, analyse & transform it into knowledge and actionable datasets to improve business processes.

Artificial Links’ smart solutions can help in automation of workflows & processes, make the infrastructure secure & safe, and the best personalized customer experience. Our experts help your business become future-ready and fast-track its evolution.


A Smart Business adopts modern technologies in a manner that it can deliver and streamline:

  1. Their long-term business strategy.

  2. Their short- and medium-term tactical decision making.

  3. Operational excellence across all business processes – core and peripheral.

  4. Efficiencies in external supply chain

  5. IT development and usage in the hands of operational teams and customers.

Technology is never implemented for the sake of it. Every new technological innovation must offer a tangible and substantial gain in comparison to the costs incurred and compromises made. The selective implementation of new-age techniques should help you bring an increase in productivity and competitive advantage.

A smart business will continually make decisions to stay ahead of the competition, garner more market share, and build a self-sustainable brand. Investment in future-ready tools like Graph databases, Knowledge systems, AI-enabled research, and Analytics can identify and even create opportunities for innovation.

A smart business needs a Smart Leader at the helm of affairs who can appreciate the dynamisms and the need for change & evolution. A person who is competent in his or hercore functional area but also understands the crucial role the technology will play in shaping the future.

AI with its many flavours and applications in areas – such as business expert systems, natural language processing, Machine learning, neural networks, speech recognition, image recognition, hidden pattern revelations, IoT, and robotics – is shaping our future. If we are aware of this oncoming revolution, then we can be a part of it, otherwise we can be overwhelmed by the magnitude of change around us.

The Hume insights engine, powered by Neo4j graph database architecture, makes it possible for business to have a global reach by connecting everything to everything and simplifying data visualization. The expert team of Artificial Links supplies its cutting-edge solutions tailored for the industries on top of these super technological platforms to offer user-friendly and smart solutions for different users – from top management to executives in the field.

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